Please review the following information to ensure your complete understanding of quartz countertops, fabrication and installation of your product. Orders will not be processed until this form is signed and dated by the customer.

Helpful Care & Cleaning Info/Tips


Quartz options come in a variety of color and grain patterns. It is a manufactured product and shading, tone and veining may vary within each and every slab, however they will be very consistent when the slabs are from the same production run. Every shipment will deviate from the last and you must view and select your product prior to fabrication.


Change in grain, pattern and direction of grain may occur at seams. This all depends on the layout of your counters and the quartz color that is chosen.


Quartz is a scratch resistant product but not scratch proof.   Always use a cutting board at all times.


Quartz is NOT resistant to heat. Always use hot pads/trets when setting down any and all hot pans or cooking plates on your quartz countertops.   Direct contact to high and or extreme heat can and will damage your quartz countertop surface.


After installation customers may notice a change in hue, color tone and reflection. This is not a flaw in the product – it is due to the specific components of your interior and exterior lighting.


Avoid the use of harsh chemicals, solvents, hydrofluoric acid and products with pH upper 10 or chlorine based on your quartz countertops.   Harsh Chemicals such as paint stripper, bleaches, pipe cleaners, etc. can damage the surface.


Quartz is NOT stain proof but maintains a high resistance to staining. Please clean your counters with an approved cleaner and or a mild detergent with tap water.


NOT to be used on any exterior applications or where it will be exposed to intense sunlight/ UV rays.


Estimates are provided according to your kitchen cabinet layout. If changes to your cabinet layout occur at time of measure – your estimate may change. Installed prices do not include tear out of existing countertops, carpentry, painting, electrical and or plumbing work.   We recommend for you to hire a qualified contractor to handle your project. If other services are needed, please complete our sub-contractor specification form or discuss with one of our sales representatives at the time of estimating.


We offer sample chips for coloring and hue purposes only when trying coordinate other décor items. Final selection of your slabs must be done and approved prior to fabrication.   Photos may be taken or provided but they do not represent the true color and hue of the quartz (do not make your decisions based on photos).   Color and hue will vary significantly based on individual monitors, camera settings, resolution, interior and exterior lighting.   Photos are to help customers visualize the color and characteristics of the material.


Ohio Tile will not assist, remove, adjust or install any appliance (existing or new).   Dishwashers are to be installed by the customer prior to the installation of our countertops.


If your cabinets are not level, square or plumb this will usually cause the distance between the quartz and cabinets to vary. If the cabinets are not plumb to the walls the overhang may also vary. Your installer will make every effort to level your new countertops and keep a consistent overhang. On occasion blame has been placed on the product and the installer – this will not hold true, our countertops are matched at our facility on a level surface. At the time of installation, shims may be used to level tops and may be seen. A trim piece may be installed by your carpenter to cover the space or shims and is not the responsibility of Ohio Tile and Marble and also its installers.


Dust will occur and is created with any type of construction project.   Dust will appear well after the job is complete. If you are concerned about dust; please remove any items in your cabinets, cover areas of concern, seal off adjacent rooms and turn off your central unit during this time. For stability reasons: surface mount sinks as well as cook top cut outs in your stone must be completed after the counters are installed – Our installers will make every effort to minimize the dust created during this process but it is unavoidable.


Our installers will make every effort to assure your countertops are set in place to industry standards.   If you have questions please visit with them during measurement, prior to installation or at final inspection.


You should be present during this time. This will allow for you to review seam locations, radius corners, overhang as well as other questions that may arise. Existing countertops are to be cleared of all items by the customer.


Many competitors may provide cheaper estimates.   Do not make quick decisions based solely on pricing: take the time to visit their fabrication facility, discuss their knowledge of stone, research their craftsmanship, ask questions about seam locations and review their quality of quartz they offer.


Quartz countertops are not sealed at our facility – manufacturer’s specifications state not to.


When fabricating, we make every effort to cut the material to coordinate with the abutting piece as well as try to keep a consistent grain direction between the two pieces. Small chipping does occur along the seam edges as a result of our sawing operation. Quartz can not be fused together which make seams necessary, therefore seams can be observed and can be felt. During installation, seams are filled with an epoxy or polyester adhesive that is color coordinated by the installer to help blend the counters. Seams may displace over time and with any movement or settlement to your cabinets. Placing seams near or over dishwashers is discouraged.


When sinks are manufactured each sink may vary in actual size based on what plant or assembly line it is produced. In fact, many manufacturers state on their templates that the opening can vary up to 7/8 of an inch, therefore, the actual sink opening may vary from the cut out in your stone (this is especially true in porcelain sinks) . Our sink cut outs are done by CNC Machines and done to the specifications of your chosen sink manufacturer. When fabricating your sink cut out, we always use the NO reveal method/cut out with a DEMI edge. At time of measure, you the customer must specify if you would like a reveal on the sink cut out. Sinks will be adhered to the granite at the time of installation. On some occasions rods will be installed into the bottom of the rails of the granite to improve strength and stability.


The average useable size of our slab material is 119” inches in length x 55” in height. Available thickness is 3cm (1 ¼”). When designing your kitchen cabinet layout please take into consideration the average useable size.


Quartz is very stable after installation but the following areas should be avoided from standing or climbing on: Sink areas, cook tops, over the dishwasher and any extensive overhang on islands or bar tops. In most cases overhang is stable without support with the following guidelines: 3cm (1 ¼” thick) 10” maximum (please review this with your sales representative in regard to the material you have chosen).   Please make sure you discuss any overhang questions with your installer at the time of templating/measure. Even with overhang, we suggest some type of support. If extra support is needed the expense and installation is the full responsibility of the customer unless requested during time of estimating.


All sinks, faucets and cook tops must be on site during measure as well as installation.   If the actual item is not available, please make sure you have the appropriate specifications. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that these items will fit into their respective cabinets. If you are using a Farmer or Apron style sink, it must be installed prior to templating or measure.   If items are not installed or present at the time of installation you may incur an extra $100.00 service charge.


Ohio Tile does not provide any type of demolition or tear out of existing countertops.


We only accept wood templates, exact field measurements and or shop drawings. No card board or paper templates will be honored.


During installation your installer may be required to make modifications to adjacent surfaces/walls.   We highly recommend using some type of back splash where the stone meets the wall and if you elect not to use a splash, we are not responsible for the joint or void where the wall and counters meet. We will not be responsible for repairing of wall surfaces after your counters are installed.


If your installation is provided by Ohio Tile and Marble, customers will be required to sign a final inspection memo after the job is completed by our installer. Ohio Tile and Marble will assist you with any valid situations at the time of installation or immediately after inspection. If an Ohio Tile representative, mechanic or sub-contractor is asked to visit a job site after final inspection the customer may incur additional charges.   If you are not present at final inspection you are waiving any and all rights to claims and or complaints. Ohio Tile and Marble will honor any valid issues for up to one year after installation.

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